Life Strategist | Emotional Alignment & Systems Coach | Philanthropist | Entrepreneur

With a deep desire to disrupt the educational and coaching world, Lucía G. Onieva is one of those unicorns who is already living that unique combo of helping others as a global leading strategy coach, pushing hard as an entrepreneur, and making time for adventure and fun.

She began her journey to helping and guiding others at the age of 13 working first with children in Spain, then with children survivors of land mine victims and from the street as well as young adults in Cambodia.

After college, she chose to spend the next 7 years in NYC developing her university talents finding her way back to supporting others through the coaching industry. At this stage, she gave away her apartment in Manhattan, donated all her belongings, and moved to the Caribbean jungle in Mexico for 2 years where she did a deep immersion with self, took several training courses, and coached remotely while traveling the world to meet her mentors and clients.


Her core pillars - awareness, alignment, opportunity, adventure, and impact, she bases her coaching method on the principles of emotional intelligence playing a major role in finding impactful and sustainable strategies to support individual wellbeing, top management role alignment, high-performance leadership, team health, interpersonal skills by aligning your mindset, emotions with your vision and action plan.

Lucia is a scoured for coach who brings together her science-based knowledge with years of experience working with people on the field and a very systematic structure of tools, communication, and processes to face all challenges of life and business.

She coaches founders, CEOs, and entrepreneurs in the social impact space weekly and has deep experience in the wellness, education, non-profit and non-governmental organizations worlds.

Lucia has been featured in 4 digital magazines so far, has spoken on stage, has co-created and co-led a 12-month Mastermind for founders and entrepreneurs, is getting interviewed on TV, speaks 4 languages, and is consistently dedicated to studying to further develop her skills, connecting with like-minded individuals who seek to disrupt the system and shift the educational world through the implementation of emotional intelligence tools in all structures.

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