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The difference between a life coach and therapist is that a life coach sets clients up with a process that may be long or short-term, instead of regular sessions. In life coaching, a client works with a coach, who is not a healthcare professional, in order to clarify goals and identify obstacles and problematic behaviors in order to create action plans to achieve desired results. The process of life coaching takes the client’s current starting point as an acceptable neutral ground and is more action-based from that point onward. A life coach enables the person receiving treatment to take control of their life and take action to steer it toward their goals.
T. Robbins


Learning how you to create awareness of how you are operating every aspect of your life and business and creating a strategy of actionable goals to support you in your life and business mission.


CLARITY OF PURPOSE: what is it that you want in life/work/relationships? Gain clarity of your purpose and your goals so we can focus on your path.
ENERGY: how is you vital physical and mental energy? Are you feeding it? Are you focusing it on your path?
COURAGE: the best time to start going in the direction of your vision, your goals, is NOW.
PRODUCTIVITY: how are you managing your time to most efficiently meet and excel at your goals. Are you taking control of your circumstances or are you allowing them to drive your life?
INFLUENCE: what is your relationship with other people? Are you surrounded by the most elevating people, people you admire, people who support you and who are supported by you?
ACTION: what actions are you and/or are you not taking to create the results you desire in your life and business?
IMPLEMENTATION: Let's create actionable goals to evolve from the space you currently are to the place you choose to be and elevate.

1.     Fill out the contact form below so we can schedule your intro session with Lucia
2.     We will send you an email with Lucia's available times and our pre-session questionnaire.
3.      We are all unique so make sure you are able to fill out the questionnaire before your session so Lucia can be fully immersed in you before you even start and you can get the most of it during.

4.     Show up at the session.

5.     After your session with Lucia, we will send you a suggested package and action plan based on your needs.
6.     Start your journey to happiness, elevation, and success.

"I have dedicated most of my life to supporting people in their journeys. I understand we are all unique and therefore have unique needs. My mission is to make our journey as engaging and smooth as possible so you can reach the steps we establish in the most organic, supported and aligned way." 

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