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I am Lucia G. Onieva and I help entrepreneurs, high-level executives, and life daredevils connect and align with their true essence so they can live a life of absolute purpose, balance, and joy


I am Lucia G Onieva and I help leaders and life daredevils connect and align with their true essence so they get to thrive living a life of absolute balance, purpose, and joy.

My coaching brings together my science-based knowledge with years of experience working with people on the field and a very systematic structure of tools, communication, and processes to face all challenges of life through the use of emotional intelligence and agility implementation tools, NLP, and Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy fundamentals.

I coach founders, CEOs, entrepreneurs, athletes, and daredevils in the social impact space, have experience in the wellness, education, non-profit and non-governmental organizations worlds.

I began my journey to helping and guiding others at the age of 13 working first with children in Spain, then with children survivors of landmine victims, and from the street as well as young adults in Cambodia. After college, I chose to spend the next 7 years in NYC developing my university talents finding my way back to supporting others through the coaching industry. At this stage, I gave away my apartment in Manhattan, donated all my belongings, and moved to the Caribbean jungle in Mexico for 2 years where I did a deep immersion with myself, took several training courses, and coached remotely while traveling the world to meet my mentors and clients.

Some of the highlights of my experience of life thus far are:
-fluent in 4 languages-featured in 5 digital magazines
-spoken on stage-co-created and co-led a 12-month Mastermind for founders and entrepreneurs
-created 24 online video courses for two educational institutions that are disrupting the burnout cycle in helping nurses, social workers, and health professions through providing evidence-based supportive services and community at a global scale
-been interviewed on American TV
-run 4 live global workshops in partnership with Lucrezia Lobuono - Director at DV Academy-created and participated in multiple live webinars and video courses
-actively supporting 2 NPOs
-deep passion for off-roading, scuba diving, boxing, discovering remote places on this magnificent planet, and playing with my kids
-consistently dedicated to studying to further developing my skills, connecting with like-minded individuals who seek to disrupt the mental wellness, coaching world, and shift the world into balance through democratizing the education system making all internal growth tools available to all humans at a global scale.

Sandy Beach

Connect with your true essence,
Let go of limiting habits and behaviors, and

Get to places you have never experienced before.

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