Create The Results You Want In Life By Aligning Yourself With Your Vision, Your True Core Values and ... Creating An Emotionally Balanced Relationship With Yourself Alongside Coach Lucia G. Onieva Emotional Intelligence and systems coach, Lucia G. Onieva, offers a profound way to increase and create the desired results in any area of your life. The key is focusing first on individual, emotional, and mindset alignment, balance, and growth. 

Lucia states “there is no separation between our internal and our external worlds. To create a solid game plan that sustains the results we desire long term, we must first take the time to identify the patterns and behaviors that are holding you back from achieving the results we want, gain clarity of the root of such patterns and limiting beliefs that trigger the emotions within the anger spectrum (frustration, anger, anxiety, stress…), understand and manage those emotional patterns, then question what we are basing our next course of action on to truly align ourselves with our core values and with our unique vision.”

Identifying, Understanding and Managing Our Emotions To Start Living Your Dream Life

Onieva said that you must first be clear with where you want to go with your vision. “To achieve what you want in life, you have to get to know the root of who you are and establish what you really want. Do not embark on your journey without setting your desired direction as, without it, your life will just drift around and most likely will not get you the results you want to experience along your path,” Onieva explained.

Onieva noted that most people have what Tony Robbins called the Niagara Syndrome. Onieva said that Robbins compared life to a river, and he remarked that most people will jump on the river of life without ever deciding where they want to go. As a result, people go with the flow until they realize that they are only a few feet away from falling into the Niagara Falls. “The reality is that most people do not have a clear picture of where they want to end up in the phase of life they are currently on. They are still unsure of what they want to accomplish, and they end up bitter and feeling unfulfilled, not knowing how to get out of that space,” she added.

“Gaining clarity of your purpose and goals will help you focus on the path you choose to take,” Onieva emphasized. Onieva narrated that it took her five years to realize and come to understand that the corporate world job was not the life that she had always dreamed of. “I was living in NY, acing my job, and having an epic time with some of the people today I take as my family. But then it hit me… Although I was technically living a life that in the eyes of what we consider the norms of society was accepted and proven to be successful, I wasn’t happy and did not find reward or full satisfaction from it. So I took the time to reconnect with my roots, pivot my action game plan and focus my entire life experience based on my lifelong passion and desired vision: to support other individuals along their journey as they start living the life they have always desired by focusing on emotional alignment and training their mindsets to perform at their peak. And this is why I moved to the jungle and I successfully built my business around my passion and vision now coaching individuals, entrepreneurs, and anyone who is ready to take ownership of the driver’s seat and life the best version of their very own life,” she added.

Why Gaining Clarity Of Your Core Values Is Key

Core values refer to the fundamental beliefs of a person that influence behavior. It helps individuals determine if they are traversing the right path and serve as a guide in fulfilling their goals. “By