HOW BUILDING A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF IS KEY TO REACHING SUCCESS IN LIFE AND BUSINESS Leading Emotional Intelligence and Systems Coach Shares Her Tips On HOW BUILDING A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH YOURSELF IS KEY TO REACHING SUCCESS IN LIFE AND BUSINESS. Oftentimes people are so focused on the relationships around them and how they are perceived by their surrounding world that they forget about the most important relationship of all: the relationship we have with ourselves. Though some might perceive this notion as selfish, the opposite is quite true. Self-love or working on oneself is not selfish; it is a necessity. The relationship you have with yourself has a direct impact on your life and the interactions you have with others, whether it’s in personal or business relationships.

Developing your Emotional Intelligence (EI) through its five elements – self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skills – from a place of understanding what our “inherited” and learned traits are is key to creating the master plan that will lead you to your desired life. Research suggests EI is responsible for as much as 80 percent of the “success” in our lives. EI plays a major role in becoming the successful leader of your own vision.

So, why is emotional intelligence so important and what exactly does it look like to have an emotionally balanced life?

A Healthy Relationship With Yourself:

It all starts with you. Understanding the reason why we make choices, identifying our limiting patterns, gaining clarity of our vision and desired goals, and creating emotional alignment around them is greatly important to create the changes and results we desire.

Lucia G. Onieva is a world-renowned emotional intelligence and systems coach. She teaches and guides her clients to align themselves with their vision and purpose and build a loving relationship with themselves. This all happens by developing self-awareness around limiting beliefs and behavioral patterns in order to create a set of goals and actions that will elevate your life and business. Lucia is an advocate of the importance of self-love, emotional alignment, and strengthening a person’s relationship with themselves to live a full life.

Tracing The Roots Of Her Coaching Career

Struggling to find her place as a child, Lucia was inspired to start working with children as a counselor at camp during her free time. When she turned 18 years old, and while still studying for her bachelor’s degree, she joined a non-government organization SAUCE NGO that assists children in Cambodia. Her volunteer journey enabled her to work with children and people who were victims of landmines, stricken by poliomyelitis, and homeless. 

Eventually, with pressure from her family and not knowing how to make her passion and calling her career yet, Lucia left her volunteer work to pursue a career in line with her degree in fashion design. She found a job in New York City in a reputable fashion design company. For seven years, she worked her way through the corporate ladder of the industry. Until one day, she realized that something was missing in her life. “I had an exciting job, I was doing well in my work, and my corporate career seemed all right. But deep within me, something was missing. I lost sight of my essence and had separated myself from my true passion, not honoring who I am.” she shared.

So, after a few events in her personal life, Lucia took a brief vacation in a Mexican town along the Caribbean coastline to create the space to see things with perspective and carefully think about the direction that she was going towards.